Before you launch your application let us provide you Insights from how end users feel about your product and ways that you can improve the application from an end user perspective as observing how people use a digital product are well worth it. At eBricks we want you to experience what your customers experience. Our advanced user testing methods allow you to quickly test a large number of design alternatives, thus accelerating UX innovation. We have a user research team with high expertise, especially for complex apps and domain-specific designs.

We improve design decisions by looking at the problem from multiple points of view: combine multiple types of data or data from several UX research methods. Our seasoned UX professionals aim to create end-to-end customer experiences that serve the user goals as effectively as possible. To that end, we conduct user research to understand our users, their needs, and the hurdles they may encounter as they are trying to address those needs as follow:

User Testing

What we do:

  • Usability testing (UX research)

    We can define this concept as to make the right design decisions by testing with users or the efficiency and ease of use of a web or mobile app by a user. Usability testing is measured in several aspects: eye-tracking, heat maps, click trough maps, user journey and more.

  • Planning, designing and managing test templates

    Planning, designing and managing test Plan Template is a detailed document that describes the test strategy, objectives, schedule, estimation and deliverables, and resources required for testing. Test Plan helps to determine the effort needed to validate the application under test.

  • Focus groups for obtaining in-depth information

    The focus group is a part of user testing, it is a qualitative research technique used to collect data through group interactions. The group comprises of a small number of carefully selected people who discuss a given topic and explore how people think and behave, and they throw light on why, what and how questions.

  • International Usability Testing

    We perform international usability testing by choosing different countries which helps identify culturally specific usability issues. Testing correctly at the right time will help you thrive in a new market. International usability testing can uncover issues with important site functionalities rarely used by majority of groups. For instance, domestic users may rarely switch the website language. But for the international users, the findability of this feature is crucial.

  • Our in house testing tools will simplify and expedite the testing proces

    Our advanced user testing methods and in house testing tools allow us to quickly test a large number of functional alternatives, thus accelerating the testing process.

  • We design test roadmaps to achieve quality targets

    We design test roadmaps because it is essential to the process of optimizing your application. It will enable you to create, communicate and effectively share your strategy to ensure you achieve your goals

  • Define smart ways to have a competitive usability advantage

    Competitive usability evaluations are methods to determine how your app performs in relation to your competitors’ app. The comparison can be holistic, ranking apps by some overall app-usability metrics, or it can be more focused, comparing features, content, or design elements across apps.

Usability & Emotional Engagement

Usability testing ensures the ability of typical user to easily figure out how to use your App whereas emotional engagement measures the user’s motivation to use your AppWe help you pinpoint areas to maximize the usability and emotional engagement of your usersIn summary, we help you get inside of your user’s mindset, to understand how they react and how your App fits into their lives to create more engaging and immersive experiences.

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