Cloud Apps

We are the right partners to help you develop cloud-native applications that are secure, scalable, and designed with innovative user experience. We offer cloud-based application development services that are deployed on using AWS (Amazon Web Services). We design and build solutions that let you create efficiency, scalability, security, cost savings and many other benefits for your organization and your customers. We develop cloud-native apps with domain-driven designs using powerful DevOps tools, including Node.js, Kotlin, Kubernetes, Docker, Gitlab CI/CD, and many others, enabling automated management experiences across the public, private, and hybrid cloud.

Our seasoned experts implement reliable security protocols, like SSL/TLS, end-to-end encryption, 2Factor authentication, private keys, API credentials and password protection. We employ app containerization for abstracting operation system kernels so that multiple cloud applications can perform consistently no matter what environment they're deployed to. Our team will design an ambitious, cost-effective, and powerful cloud implementation strategy for you.

Web Apps

We will help you bring your most complex software to life with our interactive web applications. Ebricks web development team uses the latest frameworks and libraries like Angular,React,CSS3, SCSS and Bootstrap for great and responsive web experience.

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