We understand the need to user data oriented approach to improving the core algorithms in your applications using AI/ML services. Our smart solutions and services allow businesses to gain an edge over their competitors in their respective industries. Our AI developers have the great ability to redefine the way businesses work. From our team, you can get new values with Machine Learning and customized web apps with our AI-infused algorithms for a smarter and intelligent business-specific solution that can help you to get more proficient in reacting to your customer demands. We focus on innovating systems that not just promote procedural automation but also help you resolve complex tasks for greater value delivery across workflows. Our AI consulting can help you spot AI opportunities and eliminate barriers to AI. Together we can open up new AI opportunities that can change the future.

Our machine learning powered business applications enable faster decision making, increased productivity, business process automation, and faster anomaly detection. Our seasoned ML engineers analyze each use case and create highly-customized solutions, aligned with unique business goals. We are well trained in use of AI technologies using various tools such as LabelImage, OpenCv, Google Api and a customized OCR solution.

AI/ML Applications


We have developed an AI solution that take the scanned image and read the required label. There is a campaign in which the users would scan the inside of bottle caps and a certain label on the snacks bag through an app. The scanned image would be read for certain codes and users would be given prizes according to that.

What made this project particularly challenging was that users would scan screenshots from all angles, different lighting conditions, different image qualities. Moreover, for the snacks, the bag would be crumpled as well which added to the difficultly.


At Mesmer, we’re fully automating UAT by using AI Bots that act predictably, act irrationally and act exactly like real users—except better. They’re relentlessly looking for problems with your mobile application. And when they find them, they’ll write detailed bug reports, and make it easy for developers to reproduce problems.

It can take 6-8 hours to automate a user journey. And doing this automation requires folks with deep technical expertise. You’re basically writing code to automate each and every user journey. At least 30% of a resource’s time is spent fixing busted automation after a developer makes an application change. This is completely unacceptable!

AI Bots automatically interacts with your app to discover operable flows. The Bot emulates screen readers and keyboards. No need to manually go through screens. No need to write scripts to automate user journeys.

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